Using Humour, Ice-breakers, Games, Stories to Create Interest in Trainings

Conducting Training can be very effective when it appears interesting to the audience. The best way to make the training interesting for the audience is to conduct the training keeping in mind their areas of likes and dislikes. An individual is always keen to hear what he/she is interested in and that makes the training very effective. Judging the interests levels of all the participants is essential but practically very difficult hence a constant and common approach for all types of individuals is the key to make the training interesting. A few factors that play a great role in making the training interesting are as follows:-

Humour is the key remedy to make the training atmosphere comfortable to the audience. It helps in a great way to build rapport with the participants and bring effectiveness in training. Humour is the best way to neglect or criticize unexpected and difficult behaviour of participants or situations, its helps to handle such situations effectively without too much difficulty.

Ice Breakers-
Ice breakers are very important tool for keeping the audience in the training alive. They are very important source to encourage the participants to increase their active participation and make the training more effective. Ice breakers motivate the audiences in a great way and selection of ice breakers should always be in conjunction to the training topic to enhance effectiveness.

Games are an interesting way to understand and learn. Just as we were kids we learned with various pictures, objects and music the same way a person learns things in a much better way when they are combined with games. Various memory booster games are very effective in training and enhancing the training quality.

Stories are a great mode of interaction with the audience. They help in making the training more interesting and interactive. Stories are the best tool to motivate the audience. Various real facts that are real life stories of the great achievers in different fields are the best inspiration for the trainees and boost their confidence to a great level.

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