Types of Speaking

Speaking forms an important part of our daily routine. By default, we are speaking on various topics, either by giving opinions, by taking opinions, in the form of discussions and debates.


Below mentionedare few types of speaking:


1. Impromptu- Impromptu speaking is another term for ‘on the spot speaking’. It happens when the topic is thrown on the spot and one needs to speak out thoughts or ideas over the topic.


2. Scripted speech- Scripted speech is also known as ‘Manu-script’. It is a type of speaking where one needs to just refer a piece of paper, where the content or the matter is mentioned and read it out.


3. Debate- Debate is a kind of speech, where one side of the team is in favour of  a topic and the other speaks against the mentioned topic. In other words, the pros and cons of the given topics are mentioned.


4. Story telling- It is another kind of speaking process, wherein one needs to narrate a story in an entertaining or engaging way. The prime motive or goal is to capture the attention of the audience.


5. Informative- As the name describes, it is a speech in which the speaker gives some information to educate or inform the audience, which in turn, benefits them in future.


6. Newcasting- This is mostly a professional kind of public speaking that involves media like radio, newspaper, magazine, television and internet. The another term that we can use in ‘Broadcasting’.


7. Entertainment- In this, the purpose is to solely entertain people, make them laugh, make them cry or stimulate their emotions in some way.


8. Ceremonial- This kind of speaking activity comes into picture during the ceremony in the form of a graduation event,weddings etc in which people are honoured,remembered or some sort of important event that needs to be witnessed and that represents a new part of person’s life.


Thus, speaking is through using words,actions so that other may know what you say in public or mass of people. It can also mean talking to oneself that no one can hear that can be termed as ‘Interpersonal Skills’ or it refers to an ordinary contact conversation.

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