Types of Learners

VAK learners-

Learners are of different types and traits according to their ability to learn and gain attention to training. They are divided into different forms according to their behaviour and response to different aspects and methods to carry out training. They are thus divided into three types of learners which are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic which are described as below-

Visual learner-

Visual learners can be described as learners that have characteristics to learn things best when they are explained using visual support, they learn better when they see what they are learning rather than just listening. Such types of learners have different characteristics like great visual memory power. Things they visualize once are always remembered by them and that too with detailed size and shapes related to objects. They are the ones who would understand and like a movie more than a book and they always like to visualize what they are reading.

Auditory learners-

Auditory learners can be described as learners possessing characteristics that make them learn things best when they hear them. Unlike visual learners who like to learn with the help of visual aid, charts or diagram the auditory learners learn in an effective way by hearing to lectures, various audio aids. They remember things they have heard with accurate details for a longer period. They are great mimics and can very easily imitate different voices of different personalities. They are great communicators and have great hearing and speaking skills.

Kinesthetic learners-

Kinesthetic learners can be described as learners possessing characteristic that makes their learning process easy when they are involved in doing some tasks that they need to learn. These learners always have traits to multitask for example they would try to read a book while also watch the Television. They are often called hyperactive due to such traits of theirs. The best fields they excel in are Action, Drama, sports that requires them to get engaged and use their body language. They have great body language and often excel in arts or engineering as well. They prefer doing the things themselves and learn them rather than getting an explanation or demonstration for the same. Rather than just telling the audience and explaining them they like to act and show what they want to say.


Every category of participants have different traits according to which they are classified and dealt for their development and hence their categorization plays a great role in their development.       

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