Tips to Develop American Accent

Develop American Accent

Developing any accent requires to develop the Basic English foundation very strongly. Developing the basic foundation efficiently requires focusing on the Grammar and Vocabulary. Every accent has its own kind of pronunciation, voice and sound that forms the accent. Developing American accent requires learning the proper pronunciation of words in the American accent along with the various phrases, sentences and the manner in which they are to be pronounced. There are various forms of techniques to get rid of the regular accent and develop a new one this includes positioning of tongue mouth and lips in order to produce the appropriate sound that is the voice of the accent.

Tips to Develop American Accent

Technical development:

Technical development such as good grip over grammar, intonations and pronunciation of the American accent getting a good grip over these aspects is the most essential aspect of developing American accent. Difference in the basic aspects of the acquired accent and American accent and then developing the technical aspect is essential. Word in the American accent is not pronounced one by one usually the pronunciation appears as if the words are together. For example a sentence that means “How to recognize speech” in American accent would be pronounced as “How to wrek a nice beech”.


Practice is the most important aspect of developing American accent. Practicing to speak in American accent amongst friends and colleagues is the best way to develop it. Try to practice the difference in pronunciation with the current developed language and the American accent. Get corrected by fellow students learning with you and work on the outputs increasing your inputs. Remove all your fears and use the accent with everyone even when you know you might be wrong but this is the first step to improve.


Seeing and hearing others are a great way to learn American accent, probably the best way to learn American accent. Observing other and trying to get in their tone is one way to develop effectively.

Print media such as newspapers and magazines are a great way to read and practice, they help in observance of the phrases used when they are published. Other methods like watching American Television programs or news and observing the way they speak is also very effective.


Developing American accent requires practice with good grip over the basics as they form the most important foundation and help in developing the accent.

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