Technology Based Communication Tool

Technology, in recent times, has created many new ways of communicating. Now there are various methods of communication that use technology to increase the speed, range and accuracy as compared to earlier times, where technology was restricted only to writing letters, using land line phones and speaking in person.

1. Phone- Telephones are the best thing that can ever happen to mankind. Phone is an interesting manner of communication that uses technology. They have been around for more than 100 years and since last one decade they have become portable. Cell phone has changed the definition of being in touch on the move. It means that phone calls are now much more commonplace and the person can be reached in all kinds of venues and not just at home.

2. SMS- Phone has lead to a new form of communication – the text message. It is cheaper and easier than calling someone. It is a communication tool that has shortened the communication between people and helps in delivering information far more efficiently.

3. Internet- The Internet application provides the ability for people to interface with one another via phone lines over the computer. The Internet is an enormous communication tool that affects both the usage of Phone and also SMS.

4. Fax- The element of Fax is substantially cheaper than sending things through emails. This enables to quickly send documents that are not available in the digital form. Fax machines are a combination of a phone and a photocopier. The documents are scanned by the user, which are then encoded and recapitulate through phone calls to another fax machines.

5. Social Media Web sites- It is a new media that describes social media websites. They differ from older web sites as they encourage participation from and interaction with the viewer. This enables the companies to engage their customers more effectively.

Thus, technology as a communication tool acts as a backbone of social interaction.

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