Talking about Personal Qualities

Interviewers ask a lot of questions and we cannot blame them for that. They want to make sure that they can hire someone who is the best for the job and can help the organisation to succeed. They always want to play it safe and do not want to end up hiring someone who is a complete misfit for the organisation.

While talking about your personal qualities one must remember to offer a brief example of how you have used your strength at work in favour of the organisation.

Every human has strengths and weaknesses. While asked about strengths, one should also¬† enjoy prepared for question regarding weakness. Rather than saying that there are no weaknesses, which most interviewers are likely to interpret as arrogance, a candidate should choose minor weaknesses that are unrelated to one’s ability.

If you mention arena weakness that could affect one’s ability to do the job, the candidate should be prepared to describe what actions are ye being taken to improve or develop oneself.

The candidate should ensure not to make extravagant claims about oneself unless they carry any evidence to support it.

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