Steps to turn an Average Meeting into a Success

Meetings form a crucial part in any business success. It gives a new meaning to our current job profile and takes us a step ahead in our career. Great meetings always leave an impact on the employees, as they feel more energised and provide them a sense of achievement. Nobody aspires the meet to be boring or unproductive.

A meeting for the sake of it will achieve nothing. Rethink the need for the meeting. Meetings should be conducted from time to time to share information, develop ideas, deliver updated information or set performance and quality standards.

Below mentioned are few tips to have an effective meet:

1. Set the objectives:

An agenda is expected to be prepared and objectives are to be set for the meeting. This information needs to be shared with the attendees well in advance. If it is not possible to disclose the agenda, then at least review needs to be done at the start of the meet.

2. A minutes recapitulation:

If there are minutes from the previous meeting, then the attendees need in advance. If it is not possible to disclose the agenda then at least review needs to be done at the start of the meet.

3. Stay on Track:

The meeting is always expected to start at the set time. No repetitions should be made for late comers, unless it is absolutely necessary. Always follow a standard meeting protocol which includes general rules like ‘Do not interrupt, Stay on the topic, Be respectful and Polite. Always make an atmosphere where people will be heard and time will be productive and mutually beneficial.

4. Value Time:

Respect the time factor while conducting a meeting. If there are participants who engage in discussions that can be solved outside the confines of the meeting, suggest that they take it offline. Ensure that the meeting is wrapped up on the set time or better if it ends earlier.

5. Maintain Control:

In a meeting, there is a possibility of a heated argument to break out. If a heated argument breaks out, stand up and reap both the sides, allowing each to feel that they are heard and understood.

6. Interesting Presentations:

Make sure that the presentation made is interesting. If simply lecture is going to be given, then send a memo across to the attendees saying that do not read every slide of the power point presentation. Make an eye contact. Show how any changes will impact people and productivity.

7. Create groups:

Encourage people to choose the topics that are of particular interest to them. Work on them individually or in small group and report them. Assigning Such tasks to be done independently eliminates endless posturing, shortens the group meetings and increase ultimate results.

Hence, one should always organise a well planned meeting where the participants feel that the subject is worthwhile, their input is valued and their needs are met.

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