Steps to Draft a Speech

Speech plays a vital role in today’s scenario. While drafting a speech, one should always respect two objectives making a good impression and leaving the audience with two or three takeaways.

1. Structure-

One should always follow a proper structure while drafting a speech. Having a logical path will the speech more interesting and grab the attention of the audience for a longer time. Audience expect two things from the speaker A path and a destination. They always have the curiosity to know how anything that is extraneous, contradictory or confusing. If the message does not convince or help you, then it will never convince and help the audience.

2. Opening-

Many a times, speakers squander the time when their audience is receptive that is the opening. The audience slightly suffers till the time the speaker gets comfortable. When you write, you are expected to come out swinging. Tell a humourous anecdote related to a good idea and win the hearts of your audience. Always keep the preliminaries precise and to the point. Remember that we are losing the audience every minute. Capitalize on the goodwill and enjoy the initial moments on the stage.

3. Tone-

As a speaker, one needs to always keep a check on the tone that one adopts. Striking the right tone is of utmost importance. Writing a speech involves meeting expectations of others, whether it is to inform, motivate or entertain. If you are speaking in a professional setting, focus n belong upbeat and uplifting.

4. Repeat-

Repetition is the key to leave an impression. Always hunt for an opportunity to hammer home key words, phrases and themes. If one does not repeat, then the audience will find themselves lost and flustered, when one is unable to grasp the concept you may also come across people in the audience who would get annoyed when you repeat yourself. In such scenario, do not worry of how they feel today. Just ask yourself, What will they remember few months down the line.

5. Humanise-

Always remember that you and your audience are the same. If your audience is reluctant to buy you then the same is with the thoughts. It is simple that simple. No doubt the body language adopted by you and the delivery made by you will leave a lasting impact on the audience.

6. Short-

The speaker always has initial few minutes to play the game and win the hearts of the audience. One needs to keep the speech precise and concise. The longer one stays on the stage, the possibility of making errors increases.

Thus, the speech that is drafted should be such that the audience can easily connect with that.

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