Situational Vocabulary – Presentations

Unlike the other situations, presentations also require certain jargons that justify situations and various speeches.

Some of the suitable vocabularies are:-

Audience rapport – relationship of presenter with audience, esp. when good

Body language -non-verbal communication through facial expressions, body movements etc

Finally . . . Typical word used to signal the last of several points or subjects

Flip chart  – a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information

For example . . . Typical phrase used to signal an illustration or sample of a particular point

Handout n. anything (report, sample etc) handed or given to people at a presentation

In conclusion . . . Typical phrase used to signal the summing up or final part of a presentation

Ladies & gentlemen – Polite phrase often used to address an audience of men and women

Marker  –  whiteboard marker a pen with a broad, felt tip for writing on whiteboards

Microphone – an electrical instrument that one speaks into for amplification of the voice etc

O.H.T.  –  overhead transparency; sheet of film with image for overhead projector

Overhead projector  – device that projects an o.h.t. onto a screen – O.H.P. abbr.

Pointer – device (rod or electric torch etc) for indicating things on a map, screen etc

Screen – large, flat, reflective white surface on which films, slides etc are projected

Signal – to help the audience understand where one is in a presentation signalling

Slide –  small (usually 35mm) photographic transparency – slide projector

To start with . . . Typical phrase used to signal the beginning of a particular subject or topic

Turning now to . . . Typical phrase used to signal a change from one subject or topic to another

Visual aids – things that one can look at in a presentation [eg: films, maps, charts etc]

Whiteboard –  large, flat, white surface or board on which to write or draw with markers

Alliteration – Repetition of the beginning sounds of words.

Analogy– resemblance in some respects between things that are other wise disfimiliar.

Anecdote– a short account of an incident

Antithesis – balanced juxraposition of two contrasting ideas.

Some easy presentation vocabularies are:-

Team, Teamwork, Teleprompter, Television, Tendency, Theme, Thorough, Threat, Time, Tip, Tone, Topic, Treatment, Truth, Two sides, Type, Type

Unclear, Understanding, Unintended, Unscripted

Vehemence, Viewer, Vital, Vitriol, Vocal, Voice, Volume

Wander, Weak, Weighty, Well done, Well-meaning, Well-spoken, Willingness, Win, Wow, Written

Accept, Acclaim, Ad lib, Aggressive, Allusion, Ambiance, Ambiguous, Anecdotal, Animosity, Answers, Argue, Argumentative, Articulate, Assert, Audience, Audio, Authoritative, Avoid, Award

Basics, Beat, Belief, Blunder, Boring, Brief, Butterflies

Candid, Careful, Casual, Caution, Cautious, Charismatic, Churn, Clarity, Class, Classic, Clever, Coach, Combative, Comfortable, Commentary, Communication, Compete, Competition, Compose, Composed, Comprehensive, Concise, Conclusion, Confidence, Conflict, Confusion, Content, Controversial, Convincing, Course, Credible, Cue

Debate, Declaration, Deliberate, Delivery, Description, Development, Difference, Disagreement, Discourse, Discovery, Discuss, Discussion, Disorganized, Dispute, Diverse, Duration

Ease, Educate. efforts, Enthusiasm, Exaggerate, Exchange, Expression, Expressive, Extemporaneous

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