Sentence Structure – Types of Sentences

Structuring a sentence is very important factor for perfect communication. Perfect sentence structure gives an appropriate feel to the language and portrays an individual’s command over the language. To understand structuring of sentences it is an advantage to have a fair idea about clauses, subject and predicate as they together form a complete sentence. Structuring includes understanding different types of sentences and their categories which are detailed as below:

Types of sentences:-

Simple Sentence-
Simple sentence can be defined as a sentence that has one or no clauses in the sentence. It is the simplest form of sentence and is generally short. A simple sentence may also be identified by judging the subject and predicate in the sentence. The clause in a simple sentence is independent while the sentence usually contains only one subject and a predicate.

Example: The dog barks.

Here the above sentence contains an independent clause and one subject that is the dog and one predicate barks and hence such sentences can be defined as simple sentences.

Compound sentence-
Compound sentence can be defined as a sentence that has two or more clauses in the sentence. It is connected by using a conjunction. Two or more simple sentences are generally combined together by the use of conjunctions like and, or, but etc.  A compound sentence may also be formed by combining the clauses with such types of conjunctions.

Example: Rocky is a great painter but he is very weak in studies.

Here the sentence is joined by two clauses and two simple sentences are combined to form a compound sentence. “Rocky is a great painter” is a simple sentence and “He is very weak in studies” is another simple sentence these two sentences are combined with a conjunction to form a compound sentence.

Complex sentence-

Complex sentence can be defined as a sentence that contains one independent clause along with at least one dependent clause without which the whole sentence is incomplete.

Example- Although I am a good runner, I failed to come first.

Here two simple sentences are used to make a sentence, it is not combined by a conjunction but contains one independent clause and one depend clause.

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