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As somebody has said, the only thing permanent in this world is CHANGE. In this ever changing world, it is important that we keep up with the time. ¬†This holds true for a child, student, professional, retired, homemaker… each and every one of us. Self development is the way to grow.

Human being since centuries has been learning from various sources, it may be nature (Sun, plants, animals), technology, people et all. Some of the tools for learnings have been books, schools, movies, forums, institutions.

We, at BM English Speaking, have been contemplating to create a SELF EDUCATION HUB in INDIA. A collection of all possible life education tools – so that – anybody willing to develop certain skill, attitude, behaviour is in the know of availability of such tools.

Let’s say, I have transformed the way I take care of my finances after reading a book RICH DAD, POOR DAD and I share these experiences here. Somebody looking for a similar guidance can take advantage of my experience. Somebody has seen video of Sandeep Maheshwari on youtube and changed his /her life and shares experience on this forum. Others looking for such change will be benefitted a lot.

I recommend that we own, create and develop this SELF EDUCATION HUB in INDIA with names of

  • Books¬†
  • Workshops
  • Websites
  • Audio Books
  • Blogs
  • Community Groups
  • Forums

Please post your suggestions and lets spread the good word!

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