Role of Mirror Practice

Mirror Practice

Effective speaking is a very important part of an individual’s personal and professional growth. Effective speaking plays an essential role in the development of an individual’s personality. It gives a great impression on the audience if an individual is an effective speaker. Effective speaking has various aspects and ways to improve communication. Mirror practice is one of the best methods to improve public speaking.

Practice is very essential to attain perfection in any task. Practice makes it easy to find solution to hurdles and gives exact details of how it can be prevented before the actual occurrence, Mirror practice deals with personal observance skills, here an individual is expected to understand himself and view the results of his input by himself that gives him a perfect idea of how effective he is and he gets his own feedback that helps in improving the performance.

Mirror practice not only means practicing to speak while standing opposite the mirror, it actually means to observe one’s own performance by various means like videos, audios etc. and working on the weaker areas of an individual’s performance. Mirror practice improves and gives the actual feedback to an individual of how he is performing and which areas he needs to work for more improvement.

Judgments are the best when they are self satisfactory however if an individual feels he cannot judge himself a great way to get feedback is to perform and capture your performance in a video. This is a great way to have a keen observation in the presence of an expert. A through observation and one on one feedback by the expert on the communication skills, body language, voice module and other aspects is the key to improvement.

Recording and re-recording after working on the weaker areas is the best way to self examine and analyze how much improvement an individual has brought and how much more is required.


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