Replacing Pessimistic thoughts with Optimistic ones

Human mind is filled with thoughts that come and go constantly. Mind is never empty. Thoughts can be segregated as Optimistic ones and Pessimistic ones. We all have little voices in our heads. When something goes wrong or when we come across an embarrassing situation, one mind tells us how did we react or how were we and our thoughts during that process.

These popping up of negative thoughts can cause us to feel more nervous and also make us behave in ways that are not very helpful.

Below mentioned are a few steps on how one can replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

1. Acknowledge Pessimistic thoughts

Anything or thought can bother us till the time we do not accept or acknowledge it. One should acknowledge negative thoughts by taking a sheet of paper and writing them down in the context of interview and finding a new job.

2. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations

One should zero down to positive phrases about their ownself that one can repeat to oneself when one hears one’s inner critic putting one down. Instead of telling ‘ I am not good at interviews’, one should think ‘I can be good at interviews.’ This will make one confident and evolve as winner.

3. Repetition of optimistic thoughts

One should always prepare positive thoughts over and over to oneself. Once you realise that your thoughts are turning negative, shift them and use the optimistic thoughts.  It may seem a bit silly at the start but it is for our benefit.

Hence, one should phrase the affirmations positively in terms of what one wants to achieve.

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