Rapport Building

In order to successfully perform in an interview, it is necessary to build a rapport with the interviewer. Interpersonal chemistry is incredibly important during interviews.

You need to make the interviewer not only think high about your skills but also want to work with them. Smile is very infectious. One should never underestimate the power of a smile. One should do a research of potential customers inside out. Take notes about the company and relate your experience. Choose the appropriate attire for your interview to help you make a good first impression and build instant rapport.

Eye contact

First impression always counts. So, the first few minutes of the interview to make sure that you deliver extremely professional and confident first impression.

Arrive early

The candidate should calculate the journey time days before the scheduled interview. Late arrivals would not give the desired impression on the interviewer.

Small talk

One needs to arrive at the reception 10- 15 minutes early so you can look around for features you could comment and praise. This would provide some concrete points to be mentioned to the interviewer and help in building a rapport with the interviewer.


One needs to make an eye contact and smile broadly on first meeting the interviewer/s. even if you feel nervous and do not feel like smiling, force yourself to do so.

Firm handshake

One needs to make a firm handshake. If you have a tendency to get nervous, which would result in sweating of hands and then one must wipe and then make a firm handshake.

Wait to take a seat. As a mark of respect, one should seek permission from the interviewer to take a seat. Building rapport is something that one needs to do throughout the interview.

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