Pratik, a fresher got his dream job

Pratik Bhoir, a mechanical Engineer from Thane, was struggling to get his dream job in order to support his family.

Pratik completed his schooling from Marathi medium and hence, he was very weak in English. He couldn’t express himself in English and this disheartened him a lot. In order to find a better job, he showed keen interest in learning English. However, he did not believe in English speaking classes. Soon,  one of his acquaintance,  who was a student at BM English told him about the institute and Pratik decided to give it a try.

Since he trusted his friend completely, he enrolled without any hesitation, for a Advanced English Speaking course. When he came to the class on his first day, he was asked to introduce himself in English. He was extremely nervous on seeing the audience and the trainer as he had never spoken in front of so many people before and on the top of that, he was not fluent in English. He delivered a short speech and our trainer encouraged and corrected him wherever required. She gauged his level and trained him accordingly. Furthermore, he gave speech in the class daily for 90 days which not only helped him to speak in front of others but also helped him to gain the confidence that he needed. He now started enjoying the training as it was full of fun-based activities like role plays, group discussions, debates etc.

Gradually, he could see a lot of improvement in his daily communication. He also developed fluency and confidence. Moreover, in order to meet his course objective of clear a job interview in a large corporate, our trainer helped him with interview skills. Also, she took mock interview sessions. Trainer also shared with Pratik 20 most questions asked in interview and how to answer them.

Eventually, he went for the interview with confidence and answered all the questions confidently without any errors and finally cracked the interview for the post of a Trainee Engineer at Reliance Corporate Park, Ghansoli

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

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