Neutralisation of Voice and Accent


In the current scenario, Voice and Accent focus on training people on having Voice and Accent training. They groom people by making them aware of the nitty gritties of the country’s accent that will help people make themselves understood. Some may alos get themselves trained on the culture of that particular country.

Importance of Neutral Voice and Accent

Voice and Accent is very much essential to make any conversation productive and fruitful. If there is no proper blend of Voice and Accent, the speaker would fail to make an impact on the minds of the audience. It is wrongly interpreted by the society that updated Vocabulary is the only way to make your speech effective, but the fact says that effective talking rules any kind of city of dreams, face a lot of problems to blend with the English that is spoken in our city. If we analyze, the people from Northern and Southern parts follow a particular rhythm and talk. Whereas, people of Mumbai, do not follow any rhythm. They go with the variations that are needed to make once speech effective. In today’s scenario, ones degree and certificate can only help in entering any organization, the rest depends on the command that one has over English Language.

One needs to follow a particular pattern to gain the particular Accent of that state or region.

1)      Observe the mouth movements of the speakers and try to imitate them. When you are watching T.V, look at the movements of the speaker. Repeat what they are saying, imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech.

2)      Slow down your speech, till you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English. If you speak too quickly with the wrong intonation and rhythm the native speakers (speakers of that country or state) will have a hard time understanding you.

3)      One needs to make a list of frequently used words that are difficult for you to pronounce and ask the native speaker to pronounce them for you. The best exercise is to record your words and listen to them. One should try practicing them.

4)      Reading loudly for 20 minutes. One needs to make it a habit of doing loud reading for 20 minutes on a regular basis. This exercise will help in gaining confidence and strengthen the mouth muscles that we use while speaking in English.      Research has shown that it takes about 3 months of daily practice to develop strong mouth muscles for speaking a new language.


Hence, one should have Confidence, Good Vocabulary and Right Attitude.

Accurate pronunciations would enable one build up the self confidence and also motivate one to become fluent in the language.

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