Modern Communication Media Method

Communication media refers to the means of delivering and receiving data or information. The communication media acts a communication channel for various devices that will enable them to interact with each other.

1. Fax

Fax is used as a way of delivering paper document from one place to another. In those scenarios, a hard copy is not essential.

2. E-mail

E-mail has become the primary means for delivering when compared to the use of newspaper or telephone.

3. Intranet

Intranet makes use of the same technology as internet, but it operates within the confines of the organisation. Intranet is majorly used to deliver texts and images. Information is much

less expensive it distribute and maintain with an intranet than that with paper.

4. Phone

Phone is universal and it is not possible to practically reach anywhere, anytime. Conferencing facilities make it possible for meetings of three or more people to take place remotely.

5. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing makes use of phone lines to transmit video as well as sound between two or more parties.

6. Television

Like Radio, TV is typically used for public rather than business purposes. However, some organisations with large networks make use of TV programs at the workforce.Thus, modern methods of communication are the easiest, yet powerful project management application.

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