In the world of today, media has become as necessary as the 3 basic needs of life namely food, clothing and shelter. It has played a significant role in strengthening the society. Media is considered as a ‘Mirror’ for modern society. The main purpose of the media is to keep the people updatedabout the current news affairs. Society is influenced by media in many ways. It is the media that gives lot of information about things that are around us. Media affects people’s perspective. It is the media for the masses that helps them to conclude lot of things and make judgements regarding various issues.

Media is the most powerful tool of communication. It helps in promoting the right things on right time. Media has a constructive role to play for the society. It plays a crucial role in order to focus on social issues in every era. Everyday we encounter media in some form. It could be waking up to the sound of the radio or passing billboards in the street or simply just watching television. There are different forms of media like written media, visual media etc. Media is one of the greatest events of technology obtained in pastcenturies. There is a lot of benefit that could be used in all areas whether social, economic, political etc. The various forms of media primarily television, radio, newspaper etc spread and disseminate information. It provides free publicity and exposure on a larger scale.

Thus, media is persuasive in our lives. The messages transmitted through media About our society and also our culture. It has become our very way of life. It can be reflection of our values and can also a force for change.


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