Letter Writing

Letter writing is another basic aspect of our Basic course. Learning letter writing is very essential for the professional development of an individual. Drafting a letter is a very basic and equally essential aspect of communication formally or informally. Letter writing is essential to build concrete conversation between two parties or individuals. Today in this age of Internet and telecommunication conversations have become short and quick but still letter writing has its own importance that makes the conversation official and still stronger than other modes of communication.

Writing a letter is a very basic and simple aspect but this simplicity should also prove effective on the person to whom the letter is addressed to and hence combining it in a professional manner is the key to make it effective.

Key steps to letter writing-

Letter writing comprises of few important steps and format that make a letter more effective.

Writing the date is the most basic and professional step to make a letter look effective and is a very general mistake individuals make while writing a letter and make the first impression untidy , hence date is a prime important factor that makes the reader interested to go ahead and have a look at  furtherdescription.

From address –
This is the first step of writing a letter, mentioning the address of the individual/party who is writing the letter should be mentioned on the right hand top corner of the letter with proper alignment and legible format that makes it look tidy.

To address-
The next step to write a letter includes mentioning the address of the individual or party to whom the letter is addressed to and is generally written diagonally opposite to the from address below the from address but at the left corner in the same legible and tidy format as the from address.

Subject is an essential part while writing the letter it mentions the matter that is further discussed in the letter and provides a title to the description.

Salutation/ Greeting-
Salutation or greeting expresses respect towards the individual to whom the letter is addressed to. It may be addressed by using words like Dear sir, or Dear MR xyz…


Body of a letter includes the description of the whole matter regarding which the letter is being drafted. The body of a letter in case of a formal conversation should be clear and precise on the matter to be discussed and not moving around the bushes as lengthy unwanted descriptions make it uninteresting and move away from the subject of discussion.

Conclusion must always end with a complementary close such as thank you , yours sincerely …which can be applied at the bottom right.

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