Knowing Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a very essential process for successful execution of a training process. Every Individual has different sense of gratification according to their nature or mood. It’s a human tendency to understand and appreciate objects or nature of an individual according to the likes and dislikes of the self hence every individual would be happy and interested in hearing something that is of their own interests. This human tendency of every individual makes it very important for a trainer to understand the audience efficiently before making the format of the training.


Knowing the audience well has many advantages and is of great importance. Audiences feel interested and training can be conducted effectively. A well known audience is always a well trained audience, Effective training leads to successful growth and development for the individuals that brings faith in the audience. No matter how motivating a trainer is the motivation last only for a short span of time until it is converted into results. When the individuals feel the changes and development from within the appreciation for training and self automatically comes.

Key steps to understand the audience effectively

Building relationships- Building relationships with the audience and knowing them personally is very important and effective to create a strong foundation to know them personally as well as professionally.

Creating comfort-It is very important to create a comfortable atmosphere to know the audience effectively. Until an individual is comfortable in the company of his trainer he/she cannot open up completely and tell about their likes or interests.

Direct and indirect Interaction- Direct interaction is knowing the audience directly by asking them to introduce themselves in public. Indirect interaction can be in the form of feedback forms, data analysis, etc that is obtained by other sources that show their interests.

Grouping them-Diving the audience into different groups and assigning them with tasks is a great idea to know more about them. The interaction between themselves with the other participants makes them more comfortable. Their engagement in the task brings a level of comfort between them and the trainer that helps to know them more effectively.


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