Key Points To Make Sessions Interactive

Conducting an interactive session is very important to create an effective rapport between the

trainer and the audience. Interactive sessions help to create a bridge of communication and

confidence between the participants and the trainer. An interactive session helps in a lot of

other ways to make the training more effective. Interactive session helps to gain productive

information on the interests of the audience and their activities to create effective training

modules as per their needs.

Key points to make Sessions Interactive:


Being well versed with the content is very essential for mastering the interactive sessions.

Preparing an appropriate module with effective content that meets the needs of the audiences

is very essential for creating a great impact. The content must be simple and clear and should

give the sense of interaction from the start it should be more from the participants end than

description from the trainers.


Step by step Planning of training is very essential for effective and systematic interaction.

The sequence of the events in the session as per appropriate interaction is the key. Various

interactive events like role plays, group discussions, and project work. Storytelling plays a very

effective role in increasing the interaction and makes the training interesting and efficient.


Participation is very important and creates great impact on the audience, the best way to master

the session is to create more and more audiences participation. Active participation is possible

if the module prepared involves the audience to take initiative and the speaker/trainer is on the

receiver’s end.



  1. What is important to create an effective rapport between the trainer and audience?
  2. How does an Interactive Session help?
  3. Which are the key points to make the sessions interactive?
  4. What efforts can you put to make the sessions interactive? Explain in 5 sentences.
  5. How are Content, Planning and Participation vital in making the sessions interactive? Explain in your own words.

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