Key Aspect of Group Discussion


A conscious effort put by a group of people to build a consensus is known as Group Discussion. It aims at the ability to discuss on a desired topic and arrive at a conclusion.

Group Discussion

A group of people who come together and talk on a particular subject in order to reach a decision is known as Group Discussion. A Group Discussion consists of 8- 10 candidates, who are given a specific subject to talk on within a given time limit. It consists of a Leaderless group. A panel of judges will observe and evaluate the members of the group on various parameters.

Group Discussion is a very important round in any selection process, be it from any medium. Group discussion is held to gauge whether he candidate has certain personality traits or skills.

They would like to trait the following things:

  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Initiativeness
  • Assertiveness
  • Ability to think and act independently

Few essential aspects of Group Discussion are:

1.  You should be successful in grabbing the attention of the audience or the panel of judges. In a group discussion, your 1st step is to make yourself noticed to the panel of judges. Mere presence is not enough. Making meaningful contribution is equally important. If the group hears you, then the evaluators will automatically draw his or her attention towards you.

2.  Assertive approach: It all depends on which direction do you take the group to, once it is stopped over a topic or a point. This exhibits the leadership skills that are imbibed in a person.

3.  Create your own chances: The participants of the group Discussion often complain that they were not given enough chances to speak on the assigned topic. The fact says that in any Group Discussion, you do not have to wait for the chances, instead you need to create chances for yourself. You will go unnoticed by the panel if you keep your mouth shut or just murmur something that goes inaudible.

4.  Meaningful and Sensible contribution to the group: Talking and only talking in a Group Discussion is of no point. Sensible talking is required. Always keeping the points in your mind and having a particular justification over each and every point penned down by you always plays a vital role. Good knowledge base and Logical thinking is essential. Cohesively putting forth your ideas makes you stand out of the crowd. Shouting on top of your voice and speaking in lengths in not important, but how you are talking and what impact are your words having rules a Group Discussion. The impact should not be limited to the participants, but it should also be extended to the evaluators.


Thus, Group Discussion helps in exploring the Confidence, Presentation Skills, Usage of the best vocabulary and Attitude towards things



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