Interview Success Secrets

Interview plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. A great interview should be a stimulating conversation. If the interviewer asks you a question, give a relatively short answer. If you keep talking and talking and talking, you may lose the audience and also the job.

In fact, the interviewers are more likely to have a positive response to candidates when the interviewer talks more than the candidate.

Utmost attention must be paid to the verbal ties. If you desire a professional job, speak like a professional. Avoid sprinkling the speech with slangs like “Like”, “You know”. This is the easiest way to be eliminated as a professional candidate.

The candidate must speak with confidence. Do not preface everything with “I think”, it weakens the message. Confidence is an element that can give you a cut above the edge.

Within about a minute and half, the interviewer has made an assessment of you. If after 90 seconds the interviewer decides that you are a good candidate, then everything will be viewed through that lens. However, if you have not made a positive first impression, it is likely to downhill from there.

One should make sure to dress appropriately, sit up straight, make eye contact and smile. All these things make a huge difference.

Majority of the times, the candidate fails to give importance to hobbies and special skills, as they presume that they are just a fluff. But, the fact remain that they are actually the conversation starters. The candidate should grab the opportunity to build up connectivity with the interviewer.

Hence, no matter of how the interview goes, it is not over until the candidate writes a “Thank You Note.” It should be a short email sent within 24 hours of the interview. It is an opportunity to reinforce one’s interest in the job.

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