Importance of Meetings

A meeting is the most fundamental form of interaction among humans. As humans, we have to constantly interact with other humans. Hence, meeting has become a part and parcel of our lives. Every meeting has an agenda. Every meeting is attended by certain number of attendees. The minutes of a meeting represents everything that is discussed at the meeting. In other words, the minutes act as a record of the meeting proceedings. Meetings can be of various types:

A Birthday party is a meeting of the invited guests and hosts, whose birthday it is. The main meeting agenda of a birthday party is the host’s birthday.

A Business conference is also a meeting. It is a meeting of a more serious nature. A business conference unlike a birthday party does not always end on a positive note. It is mandatory to take down the minutes of a Business Conference.

A Summit is also a form of a meet. It is a meeting between two nations. At a Summit, different countries meet to discuss how to conserve environment, how to arrest sudden climatic change etc.  Summit can also be economic summits like economic and trade policies, trade reforms etc.

A Political meeting is also a meeting. The main objective of the political meeting is to propagate the party that is hosting the meeting. The agenda of the meeting is decided by the political party.

A Religious Meeting is also a meeting. The people who attend this meeting are known as pilgrims . The person who calls for this meeting is an important person of that particular religion.

Thus, every meeting has a different experience that helps us to progress and become more productive.

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