Importance of Body Language in Group Discussion

Body Language is one of the most powerful means of communication and also a judging criteria in a group discussion. It many a times speaks more than words and depicts our thoughts. An experienced and keen personality can easily make out the difference between words and how the person actually is, if the adopted body language is improper.

Below mentioned are few tips on that Body Language that one needs to adopt to create a good impression:

1. Voracious Reader- One needs to make it a habit to read voraciously on any topic. This will enable one to be prepared for any topic in group discussion.

2. Initiate- Always be the first personality in the group to initiate the discussion. Most of the People have this notion that initiating the discussion would give an advantage. No doubt it does give one an advantage provided one is well aware of the subject and has something relevant to start the division, otherwise it is a disadvantage.


3. Be Polite and Pleasant- One should always ensure that no conversation or exchange of thoughts should happen at the top of one’s voice. One should always be audible and clear. A discussion is always different from speech. Even if you disagree with other’s point of view, disagree politely.

4. Precise- During a group discussion, one should abstain from using irrelevant information. Speak precisely so that others get a chance to put across the point of view.

5. Speak Confidently- One should maintain confidence as one speaks. Establish eye contact with other members of the group and do not allow the voice to tremble.

6. Positive Body Language- One’s body language should not demonstrate dominance or low self confidence. Show that you are keen through your gestures like bending down a bit, nodding your head.

Thus, it is a group activity where one needs to be comfortable with the group members and vice versa. Hence, one should always make an attempt to match up body language with words to create a good impression.

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