Using ice breakers in a session is very effective for creating a comfortable atmosphere

Among the audience, Ice breakers help in a great way for interaction, reducing the fear of speaking amongst the audience. It is a human tendency possessed especially by people having low confidence to feel shy in speaking to strangers and opening up in front of them and ice breakers are a great way to create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere for such participants.

Ice breakers are used for making the atmosphere light and not to make someone uncomfortable they must always be used in conjunction to the topic and must not include any kind of vulgar or personal representation to anyone. Ice breakers help to energize the audience in the training session it helps to deliver a good impact of the training session on the participants. It provides an extra edge in comparison to the normal training session and contributes in the success of the training session.

Vital steps to consider for using ice-breakers

Before adding ice breakers to the training module having information about the participants and choosing the right technique according to their back ground is very important. Using creative techniques is fun and works a lot but with the right age group. While using icebreakers in a session with group of managers it is absurd to use icebreakers that involve using crayon colours and riddles. Use of  humor with right timing is the best technique to use in corporate sessions.

Use of different games, dividing participants into various small groups and involving them to compete in a game for a task works the best with all backgrounds of participants. Dividing in groups make them more comfortable within each other making the games look like a competition to them that creates an environment favorable for learning.

Conclusions:  Ice breakers can be more effective when used of external equipments and facilities like visual and sound aids because music and colors make the appearance more effective.


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