How Trupti Meher gained fluency and confidence in Public Speaking

Trupti Meher an ExTC engineer (Electronics and Telecommunications engineer) in Vidya Vardhane college Vasai was afraid of facing a crowd and lacked confidence.

She had studied from a Marathi Medium School.

She always chose to be an introvert and did not interact with others, nor did she participate in any activities in the college.

Trupti soon realized she needed to gain confidence to speak fluently in English. She got to know about BM English Speaking Institute through a friend and immediately visited our training center in Borivali. She enrolled for an Advance English Fluency Course with BM English Speaking Institute.

In the initial days, she was very quiet and didn’t actively take part in the activities conducted in the class. She learnt sentence structure and rules of grammar through games and activities she became comfortable and started feeling confident about herself. The trainer knew her main objective to join this course was to gain fluency and speak confidently in public and deliver a presentation in college. So he made sure she was a part of all the activities conducted in class. Activities such as Speech, Debate, Group discussion and mainly training on Presentation skills boosted her confidence as she was now able to interact/ ask a question or two to the other English learners in the class related to the topic that she was delivering. This is when the trainer thought she was ready to deliver the presentation.  

So on a Friday the trainer conducted presentation skills in class, so that her areas of improvement and strengths could be identified. All the tips and feedback worked very well for her and she delivered it on the following Monday in her college. It went very smooth and successful. She gained more attention than the whole group as she applied the tips learnt at BM English Speaking Institute. She called the trainer and thanked him for understanding her main course objective and helping her to become a much more confident person. She also mentioned that this course has not only met her short term goal but will be benefit her for the rest of her life.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9819829608.

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