How to write Precise Writing

Precise is a brief summary of a book, article, speech or any other text. The basic elements of Precise writing to have an effective impact is that it has to be clear and concise.

Below mentioned are few tips on Precise Writing

1.    Read

One should read the passage thoroughly and try to understand what is it’s essence. If the passage is still not understood after reading it, then read it twice or thrice. Make an effort to find out what the passage is about and then provide the passage with an appropriate title.

2.    Simple Language

The language used in the passage should be simple. Enhancing the complexity will make it difficult for the reader to understand it as expected. Avoid lengthy sentences containing main clause.

3.    Layout

Underline the important points in the passage. Prepare a sketch or outline summary, which contains all the points which are marked in the passage. Compare the outline with original passage and if you are left with some points then you can add them. If the outline contains some unnecessary details, one should strike them out.

4.    Know the audience

The first thing that one needs to identify with is the audience, the people who will read your work. Before one starts writing, one should make a few notes about the intended audience. This will ensure that what you write will appeal to the audience and it fits the needs and wants.

5.    Purpose

The purpose of writing should not be missed. One should identify the purpose of writing to the audience. Once the purpose is identified then one is able to write with full focus.

6.    Structure

Decide the best structure for the report. Create a way to organize the information in bestest possible manner. A good article usually starts with a catchy title followed by a lead sentence, which is part of an introductory paragraph that pulls in the readers. This paragraph is followed by the body of the article, which covers the main elements and the article ends with a concluding paragraph.

7.    Active Voice

Active Voice tends to make the writing more engaging and immediate for the reader. To give the content in Active Voice, one should stick to the basic simple sentence structure. One should start the sentences with a participle phrase as it slows down the reader.

Hence, the above mentioned tips can make the content more detailed and would add up clarity.

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