How to write Business Letters

Business Letters are a form of communication and they are of vital importance. A good business letter is very important because it carries the message of the organization and it ensures that there is no misunderstanding or confusion that can lead to any kind of conflict.

While writing Business letters one needs to respect few elements that are of utmost importance while drafting a professional and polished draft. Below mentioned are a few steps:

Know the Format

Irrespective of the content of the letter, there are a few business standards to follow regarding the way it is presented. Business letters should be typed and composed in a common font such as Ariel or Times Roman.

In scenarios, where the letter needs to be emailed, a common font should be applied. Refrain from using script or colours other than black and white in a Business email.

Include Company Information

Every draft or email should carry the information about the company with each part of the address written on a different line. For Self employed people, add the name in place of company’s name.

Include the date

Mentioning full date is the most professional choice.

For example: May 1st, 2014 or 1st May, 2014. Date should appear on the left side, just below the sender’s address.

Recipient’s information

Mention the full name, company name and address, with each piece of information on a separate line. The recipient’s information should be mentioned on the left.


The salutation is an important indicator of respect and which one the writer chooses depends on whether one knows the person and the level of formality in the relationship that is shared.

Keep a check on the tone

The tone of the letter should be brief and professional. Ensure that the letter is a quick read for the reader by diving straight into the matter and keeping one’s comments brief in the first paragraphs.

Write clearly and concisely

The letter should be reader friendly. The reader should exactly know what one is trying to convey. The reader can respond quickly only if the meaning is crystal clear.


Even if the letter deals with concern or complain, one should be courteous. One should consider recipient’s position and offer to do whatever one can with an intention to be helpful.


The closing like the Salutation is an indicator of respect and formality. Make usage of comma after the closure.

‘Enclosures’ if necessary

If one has enclosed additional documents for the recipients review, it should be noted few lines beneath the contact information.

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