How to Write an Essay

An essay is a short piece of writing on a particular subject. People have this misconception that essays are restricted to academic life only. Essays can be written at any point.

1. Research

One should do a proper research on the topic and should be convinced with the fact that the sources are reliable and acceptable. To take detailed notes, one is expected to do a proper research. Never ignore the facts and claims that seem to disapprove the original idea.

2. Study well written essays

One should analyze letters that are well formed. One needs to have a close and deeper look of the letters that fall in the category to well written.

3. Self brain storming

One needs to brainstorm one’s own ideas. Motto should be to come up with the original spin on the topic to make it uniquely your style. Be prepared for ideas to come when they are least expected.

4. Self Check

Look at the ideas that one generated. Choose the strongest amongst them. One should be able to support the ideas with proper evidence from the research.

5. Plan the Essay

Take the brainstormed thoughts and assemble them. Write a topic statement for the main ideas. Depending on the conclusions drawn, one can plan the essay.

6. Body of the Essay

One should be free to write one’s thoughts to reveal themselves. Avoid writing pages after pages. One needs to shortlist from the list and make the essay more concise and precise.

7. Title and Introduction

Title and Introduction are the major attractions. They make people want to read your essay. Avoid using obvious and predictable or commonly used ‘title’ and ‘introduction’. Start   with a very broad description of the topic and gradually narrow it down to the specific statement that is relevant to your topic. Try not to use more than 3 to 5 sentences for short essays.

One should summarize the points and suggest ways in which the conclusions can be thought of in a larger sense. Nail the last sentence. If the title and introduction makes the reader to read the essay, then the last sentence makes the reader to remember the writer.

Hence, one needs to respect few guidelines and make one’s essay an apt one.

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