How to write a Speech

Speech plays a very important role in current scenario. There are occasions where one may find oneself being expected to speak at a public gathering or a social event and being prepared would require one to plan and prepare.

Below mentioned are few points on how to write a speech:

Choose the topic

A good speech is usually about one thing. It needs to have one message that matches the occasion for the speech. It should reflect the interest of the audience. The best speeches have very little to do with arguments and more to do with delivery and heart put into it by the speaker.


One should always find the purpose behind delivering the speech. A speech should be made for a good reason. It helps to inspire or to lead to action.

Get organized

All the great speeches require shape. A speech should include introduction, the content and the conclusion. An organized speech gives an appropriate flow to the speaker and enhances the level of understanding.

Choice of word

One needs to choose the words wisely. It should be spoken keeping in mind the type of audience that one would face. The usage of words should be such that one should understand and appreciate. The speech should always be catered to the audience. Never waste time in explaining concepts to them that are already familiar with.

Grab the attention

One should always aim at building the rapport with the audience. Build agreement with the topic and make it humanizing and personalizing. The speaker always needs to wear a sincere smile, while delivering or while writing. The more the audience will feel drawn towards the topic.

Focus on the message

The speaker’s main objective is to make the important points of the writing, stick the minds of the audience. The speaker needs to think visually.

Hence, speeches need to be natural and not read off of a paper. The opening of  a speech with vital remarks or quotes will immediately establish credibility.


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