How to Prepare Effective Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation is a way of attracting the audience to one’s views. It is one of the helping factors behind the success of the meeting. The most popular uses of power point presentations attraction re in modern days leading, corporate training, marketing and sales gathering.

Power Point Present action combined audio and video both aspects, making it easier for the audience to understand. Even normal teaching in training becomes interactive by adding presentations in the lectures. People at top management levels use this powerful tool to train their juniors or associates to give them a clearer picture.

Keep it natural- Good present aim to comfort the viewer. When you choose an overall style, try to visualize your power point slides. Also visualize how you would arrange it in your slides.

Plan- A little planning is always required to go a long way. Most presentations are written in Power point. The points of your slides illustrate and expand what the speaker wants to convey to the audience. One should ensure that the script follows good story telling with the beginning, middle and an end.

One thing at a time- At any given point of time, the speaker should be talking about only that slide that is seen to the audience. The audience will instantly connect to the slide that is shown. One can make use of bullets. Chart can be put on the next slide to be referred when one gets to the data.

Avoid Paragraphs- Most of the power point presentations fail to make a mark as everything is put in paragraphs. Paragraphs do not attract the audience. If they do then it does not have a desired impact on the audience. It makes the slides look very confused.

Decide- There has to be immense clarity before delivering a presentation. It is absolutely necessary to determine what you want your audience to take away from your presentation.

Sum it up- Once you are aware of what you want your main message to be, then you can talk all over about the topic and boil it down.

Use Informative Graphics- Graphics are what makes a presentation engaging. They can provide information to the audience which may be difficult to convey in words.

Practice- Spend a lot of time practicing before delivering the presentation. Ensure that the speech matches with the prepared slides.

Thus, slide shows are quick to produce, easy to update and effective to the visual interest in the presentations. The key is to make it certain that your slide show is a visual aid and not a visual distraction.


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