How to involve an Introvert Personality

Individuals participating in a training session have different qualities and have different areas of problem and development among which there is a category of participants who are Shy. They appear very bright and intelligent until they are called upon the dais to speak. There are different categories of shy participants some are good with communication but just struggle with low confidence and stage fear while some are poor with communication and hence do not have the confidence to face public.

Involving the shy participants in training is the best way for their development but involving them in training also requires some additional customization in training which is as follows:

Grouping- Grouping the individuals that belong to the shy category with the ones who are more expressive and confident allows the participant to open up in a better way , their interaction among the other participants helps them to contribute more and more.

Responsibility-The best and most widely used technique to increase shy participant’s contribution is to load them with some responsibility. Such responsibilities should be given to them as a surprise with no room to escape it. Responsibilities make them participate and give them the required push which boosts their confidence and reduces the fear.

Special training- Organizing special private sessions for a group that has all the shy participants together helps to directly approach them and make them contribute actively. Focusing directly on their problems, managing their stress, fear of embarrassment and providing them with different ways to approach their fear and get rid of the shy behaviour thereby increase confidence in them which helps the participants in a great way.

Bringing them to spotlight- Appreciating them in front of the audience and bringing complete focus on them by display of their work and their improvements boosts their confidence in a great way and encourages them to contribute more towards training and their self development.

Conclusion- There are great ways to reach the shyest person and make them contribute but in addition to this handling them with special attention and making them comfortable with the atmosphere is the key to start building a relationship with them.

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