How to Gain Participation in Training Sessions

Universal Methods for gaining participation

Active Audience participation in training sessions is very important for a successful training.

The categories of audiences that form the part of training differ according to their various aspects and requirements. Meeting their needs of training and working on the weaker areas of their development is the most essential part of the training. To meet the needs of all categories of audience, use of universal methods of training to gain active participation is essential.

Key universal methods for active participation-

Interaction with the audience is the best and the most effective way to present an impactful training used universally for all types and categories of audiences. There are several types of interaction techniques which play effective roles in acting as universal methods to engage the participants. Some of these are as below:

Story telling or group discussions- Stories make great impact on the audience and are effective with every category of audience. Inspirational stories are always an inspiration for the audience even if they are of the teenage group, adults or more matured audiences. Group discussions on the other hand require planning and distribution of topics according to the category of audiences and their suitability.

Interactive tasks/Mind games- Mind games are common and represent every age group of the audience they are basically used to develop the memory of the audience and create interaction between them thereby reducing their fear and allowing them to open up more and more.

Reward and recognition- Appreciation is desired by everyone be it an amateur participant a matured or an intermediate. People love to get rewarded and recognized in the group.  Applause by the audience for a single person is very rewarding for them. Recognizing them for their good work engages them to get more and more into the training. This also creates a competitive atmosphere and engages rest of the audience to be more interactive and gain recognition.

Conclusion: Engaging audiences is not difficult but the training content and the way of representation should meet their demands and even if the presentation was not great the interaction part engages them very well and delivers them with their expectations.

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