How Runali Kharivale, Fresher got a job in TCS with Rs 1.70 Lac per Annum Salary

Runali Kharivale a B. A. fresher from Mumbai, belonging to a simple middle class family residing at Thane was looking for a job in order to support her family and start her career.

She applied for jobs at various multinational companies, however, couldn’t crack the  interview. She was under depression because most of her batchmates had got jobs and had moved ahead in life. She was going through a lot of stress and was disturbed, this is when she started to think as to where is she lacking and why is she not able to crack any interview. After giving it a thought and considering all possible reasons, she realized just her graduate degree wasn’t enough to get a job, and the English language is a must to crack any interview.

Runali searched on the net and came across BM English Speaking Institute and called up at our Thane Center and visited the training center in Thane. She was very skeptical when she came to the center. after learning about the course details, benefits and success stories of others, she immediately enrolled for an Advance English Fluency Course. She started with Grammar, sentences construction, learned grammar rules, and practiced English speaking activities like group discussion, debates, role plays.

She started gaining confidence through practice-based training and actively took part in all the spoken English activities conducted at the training center.
Gradually she developed fluency and got comfortable communicating in the English language. When the trainer observed her improvement she started training her on interview skills , knowing that Runali’s main objective to enroll for this course was to clear an interview and get a job. The trainer did a number of interview role plays with her, practiced common questions and answers asked in an interview, and did mock interview sessions. This resulted in reducing her area of improvement and increasing her chances of cracking the interview. Now she was ready to face an interview.

She got an opportunity to appear for an interview with Tata Consultancy Services. When the interview started, Runali was confident about herself and answering the questions in English. The first question was “Tell me something about yourself”, to which Runali answered fluently as she had practiced this question during her training. She felt good and was ready for the next question and to answer tricky questions. The interview went on for about 30 minutes. At the end of the interview, she was asked to waits
for sometimes, at this point in time, she had mixed feelings.

She was then told that she will be appearing for a second and final round of interview the next day. Runali contacted her trainer to share the good news and for help to prepare her for the second round of interview. This time she was to meet the director of TCS. (are you sure about this??). The trainer guided her for Advance level questions and Runali managed to crack the final round of interview and got a job as an Operations Executive with Tata Consultancy Services with a starting package of Rs 1.68 p.a.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

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