Grooming for an Interview

Grooming is an integral part of your appearance and it is likely to change according to different situations. Grooming becomes effective when you choose the right attire and the right steps for the right occasion. One amongst many occasions is an interview. As said that ‘The First impression is the Last impression’, similarly an interview can change a person’s entire life. So being perfectly groomed for an interview is very essential. There are specific rooming ways for different occasions so even Interviews should also be taken seriously as it also has certain steps to follow and it cannot be managed or mixed with any other occasions. Both men & women have different grooming habits. So necessary tips of grooming has been given below.


Hair: – Hair should be neatly combed. Back brushed hair is the best option. For a set look one can use non-stinky and a non-sticky gel but try to avoid oil. Highlighted or colored hair is not preferred in corporate.

Face: – As men do not apply make-up, a man’s face should be clean, dry and fresh. It should not be oily or dirty. If one has travelled a lot before appearing for an interview then he should wash his face and then enter the interviewer’s cabin to get rid of the tired and oily look.

Attire: – one should always wear formal clothes for an interview. Light colored shirts with dark colored trousers are proffered. Avoid checks or printed designs. Wear blazers if required.

Shoes: – Shoes should be neatly polished before going for an interview. Do not wear sports shoes. Dark colored formal shoes are preferred.



Hair: – women having long hair should sport a braid or a bun for an interview. Hair should be neatly combed and tied properly. Fancy clips and rubber bands should be avoided. Bleached or highlighted hair should also be tied well so that it doesn’t look too fashionable.

Make-up: – Women should wear minimum required make-up for an interview. Avoid bright lipsticks and fancy shades of eyeliners.  Absolutely no make-up also looks dull.

Attire: – jeans, tops and one-pieces should be avoided for interviews. Formal shirt with a formal skirt or trouser would be good. For Indian attire a light colored Kurti with leggings is preferred. Salwar kameez is not formal so it should be avoided. A neatly ironed sari with lesser print is good for an interview.

Footwear: – :- avoid heels that are more than 2 1/2 inches. Fancy shoes with goddy prints should not be worn. Formal shoes for women or a light colored sandal is proffered.

Accessories: – Dangling earrings and bracelets should be avoided. Ear tops, a simple pendant and one or two rings in your fingers are good. But make sure you do not wear dark nail-polish. Tattoos should be covered.

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