General Etiquettes that everybody should follow

To earn respect from others it is very important to show the right manners or etiquettes. Using proper etiquette does not mean you are old-fashioned. Having manners mean you are a respectful person and considerate of others. Use of etiquette can convey respect of other cultures, traditions, or religions.

Thank-You Notes

A thank-you note is essential in both everyday life as well as in business correspondence. If someone has brought you a gift, has helped you, or simply done something nice, the very least you can do is to say thank you.


Handshakes are a certain type of gesture that conveys acknowledgement to the other person. They also imbibe a sense of touch, warmth and compassion. So, extend your hand wherever you feel is necessary.

Hygiene Belongs to HomeĀ 

Brushing or combing your hair, especially while in a restaurant as hair flies around! Brushing your teeth in a public bathroom and if you must, please clean the sink after you do so. These activities are meant to be personal and should not become public. So, it is rightfully said that hygiene belongs at home.


In social settings, people coming late cause their friends to miss movies, dinner reservations, oven timers, etc. If you are one of those “I’m always late” people, you may wish to examine your reasons for lateness, before you stop getting invitations.


This is another reason that causes social anxiety. Speak to the person you wish to honor first. If you sense that is a problem, just introduce yourself when there is a break in the conversation, and then shake hands. That will take stress off of the person who cannot remember who you are.

Cell Phones

If you are in a public line and everyone around you now knows your business, then you are speaking too loudly. In a restaurant, cells should be silenced. If you receive an important call, you should excuse yourself and go outside to take the call. In a movie theater, cells should be silenced, or turned off, if possible. Even the screen can light up in the dark, which is distracting. It’s dangerous to talk on a cell or text while driving.


When someone dies, their families are in emotional pain. The disturbing trend that has been seen is that those losses are not acknowledged, because people just don’t know what to do or say. Please make an effort to reach out, show empathy or sympathy in one way or another way, because it is hurtful to the bereaved if you ignore their loss.

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