Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews

Interviews often follow a certain path. Interviewers often recycle the same questions form interview to interview. Interviewers want to know about the decisions you have taken to get you where you are in your career, why are you looking for a new job?

In answering these questions, be sure to provide brief example wherever possible. Below mentioned are few FAQ’s:

1. Tell me about yourself

Many interviewers like to begin by asking this question. The open ended nature of the questions means that you could potentially answer it in a number of ways.

Avoid talking about your upbringing, family, interests outside of work or your goals of life.

Mention your name, qualification, hobbies and your last employer.

2. Glimpse of your career

Speak in brief about your career. Take the interviewer through your 1st employer and gradually to your last employer. Finish off by talking about why you want to move again. Practice the response to this question and time yourself. You should avoid speaking for more than two or at the most three minutes.

3. Your motivation

You should be able to tell the interviewer that you are the most motivated when you are helping the employer to achieve their goals. You can answer saying that ‘I like to know that my work is making a difference and to be surrounded by bright and committed personalities’.

4. Enjoy the most in your job

One must have a nice tactic of responding to this question. Before answering think about the main responsibilities in the job that you are being interviewed for and then incorporate the same in your reply.

5. Least liked thing in your job

The interviewer will not accept if you say that you each and every moment of your job. You can answer this question as:

The paper work in your job is very time consuming.  While answering this question ensure that the things that frustrate you are out of your control or that you have tried to improve the situation but also hold good reasons for not being able to change the job.

6. How is performance measured

Always ensure that you be very specific while answering the questions. The more specific you are, the more believable you will make it. If one is unable to talk about performance measurement, my appear floppy.

7. Describe your current company

While appearing for the interview, one should never speak bad about the current employer. But if one desires to get a job  then ideally one should be able to give the impression that you enjoy serving your current company, but that there are one or two aspects in your interviewer’s organisation that are even more attractive.

8. Salary Expectation

This is one of the deciding questions in the interview.  You can answer this by saying that you are looking for a challenging role that will give you an opportunity to exploit your potentials and channelise them in the right direction. You can give a rough idea about your salary expectation.

Hence, one should answer all the questions with grace and confidence and impress the interviewer.

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