Failed in many Interviews and now has Offer Letter from Multiple Companies

Sambhrant Dubey had done his bachelor’s in Engineering in Computer Science. He was looking for a job in IT (Information Technology) sector as a software developer. He was rejected in multiple interviews. The reason for so many rejections was not the Technical round of interviews.  At the end of one of the interviews, the HR gave him feedback about his poor communication skills and also suggested him to work on his Spoken English.

Sambhrant knew that to get a job in a large corporate was not only his need but also his dream. He also realized that his technical skills, his IT Engineering Degree combined with Fluency in English, will not only help him get the first job, but also benefit him in the long run.

Sambhrant started his search for a reputed institute online and found BM English Speaking. He read all the Google reviews of BM English Speaking. After checking all the reviews he decided to join BM English Speaking Course. He was a vernacular medium student who had completed his studies from (UP) Uttar Pradesh. He registered for the English pre-basic course to make his base strong. 

The English trainer taught Sambhrant basic grammar, spellings, sentence structuring and vocabulary. Sambhrant also enthusiastically participated in speaking activities like Conversations, Role-Plays, Public Speaking, Group Discussions and Debates.

Sambhrant started gaining confidence. The pre-basic training was predominantly designed on Hindi-English based conversation, the training helped him to understand, read and write with correct grammar and spellings. He started framing sentences and speaking simple basic English. He started working on his grammatical errors and started improving in his grammar.

With this improved English Fluency and enhanced confidence Sambhrant now started appearing for interviews. He started giving interviews again. He also applied for few BPO  jobs and cleared the interviews. He even started getting positive response and feedback from the interviewers and HR. Now Sambhrant not only had one but many job offers to choose from. To name a few companies where he got shortlisted were- FCS ( First Collection Source), Highwheels Pvt Ltd,I Can and Intelenet Global Service, Thane. This has raised his confidence to get his dream job. He has taken a step ahead and now he is studying further to be better qualified for a better job.

Sambhrant is studying further to clear his Masters Degree in Engineering.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar, and Thane. Do visit our website or call them on 9833296195.

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