Etiquettes at Home


Home is where the heart is. It is an old saying – Each family has its rules and regulations. Each of them has their own ways to deal with smaller matters or bigger matters. There are basic rules for behaviour that can apply to every family.

In order to make family life more pleasant and orderly, parents will expect their children to obey certain courtesies at home. Most of the countries, daily living is really very simple to learn and apply. Obedience comes first, when young children are learning good behavior and safety.

  • Obey your parents: – Every child must learn to obey his/her parents. Gradually , as the child grows older, he comes to know about his or her responsibilities, the parents then act as their guides and follow them to take their own decisions.
  • Consider your siblings: – When people live together, and each person has his/her own desires, the courteous habits help to prevent any quarrelsome situation in the family, and also unhappiness, that it will bring along. Often a situation can be reached in calmness. One can get habituated to becoming quarrelsome, if the family always deals with every situation by being courteous. Kindness is a wonderful quality that every human should posses.
  • Be orderly: – Ways be in the list of organized people. Put your things in place, keep your bed and room neat. It is such a help to people if you put your things at their proper place. 
  • Think about others: – Acuteness and friendly approach should be one’s second nature. Most young children and also adults do not spend time in formal situations. Many mothers work and so they do not have time to formally spend with all relatives over lunch or dinner.
  • If children grow up in such an environment, where people are busy only in their work, then undoubtedly, they would imbibe the same thing. When people live together, they learn the importance of golden words of being polite and friendly. Quarrels and differences often arise. Children as well as adults can display anger but losing temper should be controlled and one should be kind to all.
  •  Pleasant to guests in the house: – Everyone in the family including children should be pleasant to guests in the house. They should exchange warm feelings when they meet each other. Respecting the guests and being soft spoken to them should be the only thing on mind.
  • Legacy should be respected:- Never interfere with another person’s mail, telephone calls Or any personal possession without their permission. If you take a telephone message for someone, be sure to pass the message on to them correctly. It is necessary because it might creates many problems or worries for people if they do not receive a correct message

Conclusion: – One must always follow the etiquettes that will build their character and also make them better and responsible citizens in the long run.

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