Etiquettes with Senior Citizens


The first and very thought would be ‘Why do we need to treat senior citizens differently? The younger, the customer, and the simple it is to make them understand. As the years pile on, the social behavior becomes more and more engraved into one’s personality which leaves just little room for possibility of learning to behave in a different manner. One must follow few tips, while one is dealing with senior citizens.


This is the number one element that sets any senior citizens to feel frustrated. They tend to feel that the younger generation has no patience at all or has very short lived patience. So, it’s our turn to understand and so we must be very patient with them. We must drop down to their level one makes them understand.


This is not exclusively for senior citizens. In fact none of the mentioned tips are only and only for the senior citizens. All of us have, at one time or other forgotten things, names, instructions or other items. So writing down would help. Making double sure or at times triple sure that they understand what has been said and what is required to be done is more important.


One must make sure that they have clearly understood the message.  Senior citizens are hard of that, they have-not understood the message that you are trying to put across. In such scenarios, you might ask them to repeat what they have heard. Having them repeat, whatever they have heard is the best way to become sure that they have got the correct message.


One needs to understand that speed is not equal to success when dealing with senior citizens.     One must slow down the pace. Acknowledge what they are saying. The faster you go, the more ambiguous, it will be for them. Remember, that it is not a race to get rid of them. In fact, it is a   chance to be nicer to them.

  • SMILE:

The element of something that everyone relishes, even the senior citizens. Infact they relish it more than any other. They may not have had a smile given to them in days or months. They may not have laughed. You can make things better for them. So when you talk with them, keep a big smile on your face. They will feel it and also appreciate it. So, it should be irrespective of the age.

A 30 years old with think the 55 year old is senior. A 55 year old will think that a 70 year old is senior. So irrespective of age, one must always respect and understand others and also feelings. The important aspect is that, we must never forget that their present is our future.

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