Etiquettes with Domestic help


Everyone desires to have comfort and convenience in their day to day life. To lead a comfortable life some hire part time helpers while others hire full time helpers. Be it part time or full time, both of them have some problems.

Domestic helpers are also human beings. We first need to respect the fact that they also have their hopes and desires. They work as helpers out of their necessity. They do not opt for this profession by choice; the bitter truth is that they do not have any other option. So in order to make some difference to their livelihood they work as domestic helpers.

The image of domestic helpers is always under pressure to ease this pressure one should always maintain an ideal relationship with them and treat them as part of the family. Problem creep in when the family members expect too much from the domestic helper or the domestic helper refuses to do some work. To give a complete end to such scenarios, one must clearly define their responsibilities beforehand. Everyone in the family must know their part and should ensure that nobody crosses the limits of understanding.

Allow the domestic helper to come on a particular time. If at times, due to some occasion or urgency, the time needs to be altered, that can be done through mutual understanding. The domestic helpers should be paid on time. Nothing works as a motivation for them than the monetary gain. The same aspect can also provoke them. If not done on time, Domestic helpers also expect tips and gifts on occasions like Diwali and other festivals.

Always make use of proper language with domestic helpers. Use of foul language should be strictly avoided. Just as the worker can leave if he/she is not happy with the working, so an employer can relieve the worker if unsatisfied.

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