Etiquettes on the Highway


A highway is a main road, especially between towns or cities. It is not like the normal roads within cities. The city roads connect together the places within the cities. But highways connect different cities or towns.

There is a lot of difference in driving within cities and driving on a highway. City roads support short journeys whereas highways support long journeys. The city roads are crowded so has to be very careful while driving on city roads. This does not mean that one should not be alert while driving on highways. More cautiousness should be observed while driving on highway. ‘Speed thrills but it also kills.’

Driving on the proper side on highways is very important. Highways do not always mean wide roads, some highways also pass through small towns and villages where people reside, and one need to slow down at such places. Extreme care should be observed when there are children around. Avoid applying sudden brakes. If due to some urgency, you wish to stop then go off highway and stop.

Do not overtake under any given situations. One wrong judgement can cost someone one’s life. Try your level best not to become a reason for chaos and confusion on highway, the traffic moves fast but the traffic moves slowly on city roads. Just as in other places, courtesy on highways is important.

When a vehicle is in traffic jam there is a possibility to damage caused to vehicle if one is impatient. Majority of the highways are unsafe after sunset. One should plan a travel on highway only when there is no other option. Many huge vehicles start their journey in the dark. It may also result in fatal accident if one is ignorant. The greater risk always resides in faster vehicles. One must always ensure that on drives taking into consideration all the safety measures. Etiquettes and manners are not only restricted to personal or professional life but are equally to be followed on highways as well.

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