Etiquettes for Ladies

We all are aware that since time immemorial, very strict codes of conduct are adhered to, if one aspires to fit into the title of a lady or gentleman.

  1. Cultivate a happy temper, people love to be around those who have a happy go lucky nature and who will also find a good spirit begets cheer and hope.
  2. Develop an attitude that makes you trustworthy and trustful in the eyes of others. This approach should not only be a fake attempt, but in the process of developing these attitudes, it should become one’s sound nature.
  3. An erect head, chin in and shoulders back are considered the most apt posture for walking. Do not lean over to one side when walking, standing or sitting. The practice is not only ungraceful also deforming and so unhealthy.
  4. If one allows the hands to showing in walking, then they are formed should be limited. A ladies would do it much more gracefully.
  5. A lady should not keep her hands behind her. One hand may rest easily on the other. It would be a graceful posture.
  6. Always remember that gestures are a part of public speaking. Refrain from rising gestures.
  7. Ladies should always be frank and cordial towards their lady friends and never growing.
  8. A lady should never ask a gentleman to walk with her.
  9. If one desires, to be respected then one must be clean. Bestest attire and accessories will add nothing to the appearance beauty of an unclean personality.
  10. In order to the acceptable in the society one must have clean clothing, clean skin, clean hands and white shining teeth.
  11. A bad breath should be given a permanent solution. To pick the nose, fingers, and ears or to scratch your hand is taken as vulgar.
  12. Never throw with your fingers, rub your hands, and yawn in public.
  13. Loud laughter, loud talking should be checked. In the society of others, especially on the street and in public places.
  14. You should never decline to be introduced to anyone at a party to which you are invited.

Politeness becomes the expression in a graceful manner of social virtues. The spirit of politeness must be present in every possible manner. Thus, a combination of all the above aspects makes a lady a “Lady” in true sense.

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