Etiquettes at Public Meetings


Etiquettes refer to good mannerisms required by an individual to find place in society. It is important for an individual to behave appropriately in public to earn respect and appreciation. Human is a social animal and is expected to behave in the same way.

One must learn to maintain the decorum of the work place. It is of utmost importance to respect one’s organisation and also expect the same in reciprocation. You would not be taken seriously if you do not behave well at the workplace.

Meetings are the vital parts in the corporate, where employees sit together in a common platform, exchange their views and opinions and boil down to a conclusion that is beneficial for the organisation and mutually acceptable by all the employees of the firm.

Meeting etiquettes refers to codes of behavior that an employee is expected to follow while attending meeting and discussions at the workplace.

  • One must always respect the employees or fellow mattes or cronies. Never misbehave with them. Smooth functioning would be possible.
  • Avoid being bias towards anyone. Treat all the employees as one irrespective of their designation, educational qualification, caste race or family background. Personal relationship must not be mixed with professional commitments.
  • One should always be ready to help each other in the organization. Be a motivator for your fellow colleagues. Appreciate those who perform exceptionally well. Give them a pat on their backs for their good work. Encourage them to work in a team and exploit their potentials by channelizing them in the right direction.

Meetings should be taken as a platform to give rewards and recognition to the employees.

All the comments during the meeting should be approved by the head of the meet. When speaking during the meeting one needs to speak slowly and clearly. Be respectful to everyone present in the meeting. Keep yourself aloof from any kind of disruptions during the meeting. Avoid any conversation with the public because if you make use of microphone in the meet it can pack up even the minutest thing said.

One must ensure that all the comments are constructive and not disruptive. All the cell phones should be on silent mode, so that it does not distract the meeting and the involvement of it in the meeting.

Always remember not to become famous as a ‘Preacher’. Be considerate of others who desire to speak by limiting the comments a reasonable length and avoid repeating that was already mentioned.

One should always map their moves during a public meeting and become an effective Public Meeting Holder by respecting few points mentioned above.


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