English Speaking Tips


English is one language with which you cannot fool yourself. It demands you to have proper command and have a flawless approach towards it. One cannot play with English words carelessly and spoil its aura.

Tips to speak English

1)      Simplicity

While speaking English, one needs to always frame short and simple statements. One needs to use simple language while communicating. We should always remember to express our thoughts and not to impress. Avoid using slang while communicating as most people may not be familiar with the terms.

2)      Brevity

One needs to keep ones speech very precise and to the point. Too much of complex statements and we fail to express ourselves as we expected. We should always put in practice of speaking in a concise manner.

3)      Silence

While speaking, one needs to take a breather. One has to respect the punctuation marks (commas, full stops, exclamations) to make their speech impactful. The throw of words should be very much to the point. If the speaker does not take a pause then the speech would be either boring or ambiguous. It is more likely to put question marks on the faces of the audience. So, adequate pause is required while speaking one on one or one to many.

4)      Listen and Hear

While speaking, if one expects the audience to listen to him/ her carefully. The same is expected when another person becomes a speaker. One needs to develop a habit of becoming a good listener. Alert listening is required when people talk and express their views. Everyone can hear what others are saying, but listening entails paying attention and understanding what the other person is saying rather than to just hear the sound of the voice.

5)      Respect

Communication means exchanging ideas and for two or more people to exchange ideas. Its imperative that you respect the boundaries of the other person. You may not agree with the person’s viewpoint and they may not agree with you. This is where effective communication kicks in.


The above mentioned tips makes an individual stand out of the crowd. Apart from this, Vocabulary, adequate usage of Grammar and right attitude comes hand in hand.

We at BM ensure that all these above mentioned parameters are met and aim at grooming everyone on all the essential aspects of Communication and Personality.

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