English Grammar Basics


Grammar plays a crucial role, while gaining fluency in English. Communication is the heart and soul of human experience. The process of communication mainly includes speaking, listening and writing. We gradually develop a better sense of grammar with the passage of time. When we are studying English language, we need to study its grammar. The importance of grammar cannot be neglected and before we do that we need to understand what grammar is.

English Grammar Basics

The basics of Grammar include the following:

1)    Noun:-  It is a name of a person, place, or thing.  It can be the subject or object of a sentence. Ex: cat, horse, mother, India


2)    Pronoun:- It is a word that replaces or stands for (“pro” = for) a noun. Ex: he, she, it


3)    Verb:-  It is an action word. Ex: sit, laugh, read


4)    Adjective:-  It is a word that describes or modifies a noun. It gives answers the questions “how many,” “what kind,” etc. Ex: happy, suicidal, red, dangerous


5)    Adverb:-  It is a word that describes or modifies a verb. Ex: carefully, quickly, wisely. Also sometimes modifies an adjective. (“She was very tall.” ‘Very’ is an adverb modifying ‘tall’.  Adverbs usually, but not always, end in “-ly”. (However, not every word ending in “ly” is an adverb: “friendly,” for example, is an adjective.)


6)    Preposition:-  It is a word that indicates the relationship of a noun to another word. Examples of prepositions are to, at, with, for, against, across


7)    Sentence:-  It is the basic unit of writing. A sentence should have a subject and a predicate. The subject is the noun to which the sentence’s verb refers; the predicate is the verb plus whatever other parts modify or elaborate on it.


8)    Conjunction:-  This is a word that links words or parts of sentences together, or contrasts them, such as and, so, until, therefore.


9)    Interjection:-  These are just simple words that usually express strong emotion, coming alone or at the start of a sentence.



English Grammar forms a basic foundation of English Language. In order to have command over the English Language, a good hand on English Grammar is important. Once you have a good knack of English as a language Confidence, Grooming on Personality and Right approach towards learning follows.


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