English Fluency got Akash Yadav the dream job of an HR Executive

Akash Yadav, a post graduate was determined to fulfill his dream. The only child in his middle class family, Akash was highly dedicated to his dream of becoming an HR of a company.

  Akash used to work as an Executive in a Call Centre but was not content with his job. He was attempting to clear an HR interview but even after many trials he couldn’t clear any of them. He was good in English but he had problems with pronunciation because of his fast pace and unclear accent. Also, he was daunted since he was unable to clear the interview. He left his job and searched for a class for enhancement of his interview skills. He visited BM English Speaking center and registered himself.

On the first day, he informed the Trainer, “I want to crack an interview within a month”. When he came for the speaking session, his trainer noticed that he spoke too fast and his speech was quite vague. Akash Yadav followed the trainer’s instructions genuinely. He practiced each speech 20 times before presenting in the class. He did this exercise for 90 such speeches. Each day he was improving in every aspect of communication. The trainer suggested some tactics that helped him to control his speed. Gradually, he improved and gained confidence. To fulfill his  objective, the trainer took mock interview sessions for a week.

Finally, he went for the interview with confidence and positivity. Surprisingly, he cleared the interview in the first attempt.  After clearing the interview he was exhilarated and overwhelmed. He was really obliged to his Trainer for helping him to achieve his goal. He told the trainer “ I never knew that learning English at your Institute will help me achieve my dream job. Moreover, I am extremely happy that you identified my specific weakness of speaking very fast and helped me with the technique to eliminate the same. I will be forever thankful to you for the same.” After a few months, he came up with another great news that he received the Best Employee of the month Award.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit our website www.bmconsultantsindia.com or call them on 9819829608.

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