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Employers prefer to hire candidates who aspire to work for them rather than only for any other company. They like to feel special. In order to make oneself stand out of the crowd, the candidate must be able to talk about the reasons why they look forward to join a particular organization.

Before turning up for the interview, the job seeker should be able to find out answers to few of the following questions:

1. Business:

The candidate should be aware of what services and products does the organization offer. This helps the candidate with immense clarity of the organization in which the candidate aspires to visit.

2. Vision, Mission and Values

Every reputed firm has its vision, mission and values. It gives an idea about what does the organization aim to achieve and how does it aim to do it. In other words, it gives clarity on the short term as well as long term goals of the organization.

3. Organization Panel

The candidate should be aware of the key people within the organization. For instance, if the chairman, chief executive or any of the directors are well known figures in the local or international community, make sure you know their names, so that you do not look confused, if in case the interviewer mentions them in the discussion.

4. Strategy for the future

The candidate can check the strategies that the organization has on mind. What plans or future investments do they have?

5. Staff

The candidate can also come to know approximately how many staff does the organization employ. This would give them an idea if the organization is of a very large employer or a small employer.

6. Officers

This gives an idea if the office is concentrated to just one location or many locations around the country or even the world.

7. Competitors

This would give the candidate a better picture and make them aware of their potentials. What products and services do the competitors offer? How do the products and services of our prospective employer differ from those of its competitors?

Hence, one should visit the website and get oneself updated with the knowledge of the company.

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