Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills are a key aspect for successful growth and development of an individual. The importance of communication skills can be understood by making out the difference between a person who can talk and one who is dumb since birth. There is no difference in their appearance but communication plays a major factor. An individual that is not well versed with effective communication in corporate world is regarded similar to a person that who cannot speak.

Communication is very important to convey a message to an individual, public or a group. Effective communication on the other hand can be defined when the same message is conveyed with the confidence and conviction.  Communication skills are very important for creating lasting impressions and making effective as well as strong relationships.

Key steps to improve communication skills


Grammar is an essential aspect of communication. Having a strong foundation of grammar is very essential to have a good hold over the language of communication. Failing to structure appropriate sentences and incorrect use of vocabulary are the two aspects that can prove fatal to communication and hence the basic part of communication forms the most essential part for effective communication.

Body language:

Body language forms part of the non-verbal communication and is an essential trait of an individual that speaks a lot about his/her personality. A pleasing body language with an effective verbal communication works wonders when used appropriately. Having an erect posture and a pleasing body language displays an effective personality and ensures success.


Verbal tone while communicating is essential to make an impact on the more important aspects of the content. The pitch should always move according to the flexibility of the content that makes it perfect for the audience to hear and connect to the speaker and relate efficiently. The tone can be high on a more impactful description while normal to low on other areas of content.


Confidence is a key characteristic that displays effective communication. Confidence is essential for creating impact in every situation and hence adds an added edge to the communication skills. Improving confidence requires being well prepared and free from fear to display confident communication. 

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